Fall 2023 Academic Return on Investment (A-ROI) Institute 
Align Your Budget with What Works Best for Students

September 19, 2023 - January 9, 2024



DMGroup’s Academic Return on Investment (A-ROI) Institute is an in-depth professional development program that builds  your district team’s capacity to analyze and assess programs and initiatives to determine what works best for which students and at what cost.

This hands-on approach will equip you with knowledge and skills to successfully and sustainability evaluate future district programming.

Your team will learn a methodology that will provide answers to the following questions:

• Which programs are achieving the intended outcomes?
• Which students are benefiting most from a given program?
• How cost-effective is each program?

"A-ROI is now built into the way we have our budget conversations with our leadership team, our bargaining units, and our Board of Education."

 - Dr. Mike Patton,Superintendent, Saratoga Springs City School District (NY)

Learn how three member districts integrated data into resource allocation decisions to address their unique challenges and ensure the greatest possible impact from their district budgets.


What is A-ROI?
In the absence of data, a combination of professional judgement, historical practices, and stakeholder interest often end up determining program offerings. To ensure that resources are being used most effectively for students, DMGroup has developed an approach called Academic Return on Investment (A-ROI) to measure the benefits (determined by student outcomes per student segment) and fully-loaded costs of individual programs.

Based on this data, the district can assess and compare programs and consider which to expand, maintain, target to specific segments of the student population, or sunset.



What You Will Learn 
At DMGroup’s A-ROI Institute, your district team will learn the A-ROI (Academic Return on Investment) methodology to ensure that resources are deployed most effectively for students.
In this program, you will gain the skills to:
  • Conduct a team-based assessment of a district initiative to determine what works best for which students and at what cost

  • Integrate deeper analysis of data to improve resource allocation decisions

  • Refine your budget to meet the needs of all students equitably

  • Build capacity to successfully and sustainability evaluate future district programming.

How it Works
  • Participation by district teams: Each district can enroll a team of up to eight participants. With a common language and set of tools to take back to the district, this team can work collaboratively to improve the use of district resources.

  • Training spanning approximately four months: Participants will learn DMGroup’s 10-step process for A-ROI analysis over four months in a multi-mode approach that includes remote group meetings, webinars, and self-use tools.

  • Learn by doing: With the support of our coaches, district teams work together to conduct an A-ROI assessment on a key program or initiative from their own districts and gain actionable insights.

  • Peer network: At the Institute, participants have an opportunity to meet peers from other districts and provide each other energy and support as they learn together and collaborate.

Who Should Enroll?

This program is intended for district finance and academic leadership teams committed to ensuring resources are utilized for maximum impact.





$17,000 per school or $14,500 per school in districts that are DMCouncil members. A discount of 10% is applied to schools from districts with three or more participating schools. District-wide packages available upon request.

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