Strategic Enrollment (SEAT) Planning 
Ensure Successful Enrollment and Attendance for The Upcoming Academic Year



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In many public school districts nationwide, maintaining strong enrollment and attendance rates has been a major challenge. With the expanding education options available to students, public school districts face the challenge of attracting families back to their schools. 

District budgets, initiatives, infrastructure, and staffing depend heavily on retaining students and families and attracting new ones.

Jumpstart the upcoming academic year with a strategic enrollment management plan! 

DMGroup’s SEAT Plan offers your district team an in-depth analysis of district-and school-level enrollment trends, and a robust and effective data-driven strategic enrollment plan to maximize attendance this fall.



Erik Gundersen, Superintendent of Suffern Central SD (NY) talks about SEAT Planning program implemented in partnership with DMGroup.


How it Works

Using our data-driven approach and quantitative and qualitative data analysis, we will work with your district team to identify enrollment trends and key factors causing a drop in enrollment. Through a series of conversations and a workshop with key stakeholders, we will assess district’s strengths and opportunities you can leverage to attract and retain students.

Some of the questions we will address:

  • What is the impact of changes in district students and general population on enrollment?

  • How do you account for falling enrollment in the district?

  • Why are families enrolling or disenrolling and where else are students going?

  • What district strengths can you leverage to attract more students?

  • How do you articulate and communicate the district’s unique value proposition to its students and families?

Our Approach
Through DMGroup’s SEAT Plan, your district team will receive a strategic enrollment management plan with actionable recommendations to improve enrollment and differentiated value proposition to use district-wide to articulate what makes your district unique.
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Our approach includes:

In-depth quantitative analysis identifying trends in district enrollment over at least the past five years

Wide-spanning community engagement plan leveraging a variety of techniques to understand family and staff members' satisfaction with the district and their individual values and needs

Workshop with key district stakeholders to define your value proposition statement and why you are the best choice for the community's students