Using Academic-ROI Methodology to Budget More Strategically
Thursday, December 14th, 1 pm - 2 pm EST



The Academic Return on Investment (A-ROI) approach developed by DMGroup measures the impact and cost of individual programs for students to ensure that resources are being deployed for maximum impact. 

Join us for this free webinar on Academic Return-on-Investment (A-ROI) methodology on Thursday, December 14th at 1 pm EST.

We will explore this unique and transformative approach and provide an example of how one district is adopting the Academic-ROI methodology to improve supports for students district-wide. 


  • Simone Carpenter, Director at District Management Group
  • Alice Lai, Director at District Management Group


We will leave time at the end of our session to answer all questions you may have.

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About District Management Group

District Management Group was founded in 2004 on the belief that management techniques combined with education best practices are key to addressing the challenge facing American public schools. We partner with school and district leaders nationwide and provide them with the best management and educational practices, tools, and techniques to produce measurable, sustainable improvements that help schools and students thrive.