Partnering with Districts to Strengthen Equitable and Inclusive Practices


DMEquityOffice partners with school districts to embed and foster equitable, inclusive, and culturally relevant practices so that every student has the opportunity to succeed.

DMEquityOffice provides districts access to:

An Equity Opportunity Review to identify strengths and areas for improvement

A dedicated Equity Advisor to provide guidance and planning 

A robust resource library curated by experts

A network of peers engaged in similar equity and inclusion efforts

Add-on services to address unique district needs


The DMEquityOffice Approach

The DMEquityOffice partners with districts to support the work to increase equity and improve opportunities for students, staff, and families. DMEquityOffice begins with (1) a deep look at district practices and district data to develop a detailed and shared understanding of district context; this is followed by (2) comprehensive planning that maps out near-term successes on the path to realizing long-term objectives, and (3) supports to sustain the work that include expert advisors, a network of peers engaged in similar work, and a library of resources.


Understand District Context: DMEquityOffice partners with the district to develop a deep understanding of the district context through an Equity Opportunity Review. The review incorporates analysis of district practices and data as well as qualitative interviews and examines these in the cto compare district policies and practices to research and promising practices.  

Plan Comprehensively: Key findings from the Equity Opportunity Review, inform recommendations for research-based, short-and long-term opportunities targeted to district needs. DMGroup collaborates with district leaders to set equity and inclusion goals for the district and develop a long-term change process towards those goals.  

Sustain and Enhance Efforts: With the DMEquityOffice, districts are provided a dedicated equity advisor who supports district leaders to navigate meaningful, sustained change over time. The equity advisor connects district leaders to cutting-edge resources and supports district participation in cohort learning communities with other districts engaged in similar equity work.


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