DMEquityOffice offers district leaders an opportunity to partner with experienced advisors to understand and prioritize equity practices in your district and access the resources and network needed to make sustainable change.


The DMEquityOffice Approach

The DMEquityOffice takes a multi-step approach to increasing equity and improving opportunities for students, staff, and families.

  • An Equity Opportunity Review takes a deep look at current district practices and data to develop a detailed and shared understanding of strengths and opportunities.
  • A dedicated Equity Advisor provides guidance on research-based, comprehensive planning and facilitates the change process that leads to near-term successes on the path to long-term goals.
  • Access to a curated resource library and network of peers engaged in similar efforts will support your work to sustain meaningful change in your district.

Our initial review and planning phase sets districts up to sustain their focus, energy and direction, and enhance their efforts to increase equity.


Context-specific Planning with Support for Sustainable Change

The DMEquityOffice increases equity and improves opportunities for students, staff, and families by building a deep understanding of the misalignment that perpetuates inequities in school districts, comprehensive planning that considers long-term needs with short-term successes, and sustained partnership and support from peers and experts steeped in the work.

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Equity Opportunity Review

An internal equity audit is a critical first step in sustained efforts towards increasing equity and inclusion. The Equity Opportunity Review is guided by DMGroup’s Equity in Action Framework, which brings together current research with feedback from practitioners to identify key action areas for deep inquiry. It includes the following:

  • Facilitated leadership self-reflection on current policies and practices in the key drivers of equity
  • In-depth analysis of 1-2 focus areas including broad participation and perspectives from a range of stakeholders
  • Concludes with comprehensive recommendations that drive prioritization and planning
  • Equity advisors build on recommendations to support districts to develop an equity vision and goals

Dedicated Equity Advisor

Meaningful change requires sustained effort over time. Districts participating in the DMEquityOffice are provided a dedicated equity advisor who serves as a go-to resource to help district leaders navigate sustained changes. Example supports include:

  • Support district leaders in coordinating equity efforts across the district
  • Serving as a thought partner to ensure district policies and decisions align to equity goals
  • Track progress towards equity goals and adjust goals, as needed
  • Connect district leaders to vetted equity resources, including content experts, articles, research, professional learning opportunities, and peers doing similar equity work

Curated Resource Library

With the DMEquityOffice partnership, districts have full access to a cultivated resource library to build district knowledge on policies and practices that promote equitable environments. Additionally, the district’s equity advisor is intimately familiar with the content in this library and can help identify and target resources that closely align to the district’s specific interests and challenges. The library includes trusted, timely, and relevant resources, including:

  • Articles that develop the knowledge of leaders and staff
  • Research validating promising practices that promote equitable opportunities for students and staff
  • Tools to support leaders and staff to engage in key changes with the goal of increasing opportunities for all students

Network of Peers

Members of the DMEquityOffice are invited to join a national professional learning community to validate plans and harness the perspectives and insights of peers working together on a common challenge. Through facilitated sessions and organic relationship development, district leaders will engage in:

  • Genuine peer relationships through intentional team building activities
  • Content focused sessions to build knowledge and perspectives
  • Structured team sessions for collaborative planning and problem solving 

Additional Resources

With years of experience, equity advisors have a deep understanding of the practices and services that bring about increased equity and inclusion in a district. Advisors can recommend services and professional learning opportunities to meet district goals, and support with implementation for an added fee.

We know that striving towards a more equitable educational environment is challenging, uncertain work. Partnering with the DMEquityOffice ensures the support, confidence, and validation of industry professionals from DMGroup and peer districts nationwide. 

Where is your district in its journey to increase equity? 


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