In this issue, also read about:

  • An interview with Dr. Robert Livingston, a leading expert on the science underlying implicit bias and racism in organizations, who shares his thinking and approach to promoting racial equity. 

  • A Look at Equity in Education. Here, DMGroup takes a brief look at the changes in student demographics, the teaching core, and leadership ranks so we can begin to chart a path forward.

  • Delivering On LAUSD’s Primary Promise: Accelerating Literacy with the DMBreakthroughTeams Approach.

  • Increasing Attendance at LAUSD for Specialized Student Populations leveraging the DMBreakthroughTeams Approach.

  • The Vermont Agency of Education Providing DMSchedules Statewide to all 247 elementary schools in the state of Vermont.

  • DMGroup’s A-ROI Institute: Read about how two districts learned how to leverage A-ROI analysis to find out what works, for which students, and at what cost.


  • Reimagining Elementary Schedules for This Fall. In face of the challenges posed by the pandemic, schools developed some innovative and interesting practices that should not be cast aside in a desire to “return to normal.”