DMSchedules for Special Education

Student Services Scheduling for Intervention, Special Education and Related Services


DMSchedules for Special Education scheduling software drives efficient and coordinated student services scheduling and management and helps maximize student and staff time

Features include:

  • Create student service schedules with drag-and-drop ease
  • Support compliance with schedules created from IEP requirements
  • View homeroom schedules to avoid pull-out services during core instruction
  • Create more equitable workloads across all staff
  • Determine if group sizes are aligned with district and student service goals
  • Increase staff collaboration and efficiency
  • Get a 360° view of all school, student services, and individual student schedules

"It has made it easier to schedule my students and see their complete daily schedule along with related services. The system has helped me confirm that I have all of their minutes accounted for." Special Education Teacher, Indian Prairie, IL
“I am tremendously impressed with your software--it is so needed, and your software and presentation are excellently done.” Speech and Language Pathologist, Hartford School District, VT
“We have realized outstanding scores and performance from our students due to the efficient use of support staff's time and the amount of support provided to our students.” Principal, New Fairfield, CT

Scheduling Student Services Has Never Been Easier!

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Staff schedules

DMSchedules for Special Education aligns both the school schedule and individual teacher, provider, and staff schedules around district-defined guidelines. As they create their schedules, staff will have access to their caseload, their students’ services, and students homeroom and specials schedules to avoid conflicts. The software suggests student groupings by grades, area of need, and settings, unlocking even more opportunities to improve student supports cost-effectively.

Student  schedules

DMSchedules for Special Education automatically creates individualized schedules for each student receiving student services. A complete view of each student's scheduled services, including services scheduled by others, and homeroom and specials schedules is easily accessible to authorized staff. This holistic student view saves time and energy and removes the frustration associated with scheduling of student services across different systems and tools. 

Insights and analytics

Our advanced reporting and analytics provides insights into the efficiency of student services delivery and staff workload equitability. Data is updated in real time to help determine who is overloaded, who may have capacity, and identify opportunities for improvement using key efficiency levers (caseloads, group size, direct vs. indirect time). 

Service and Support

DMGroup provides implementation support to help you meet the needs of all students with the staff you have. Our scheduling experts will assist you with the integration of school and student services information, training and facilitated support sessions, and on demand software support. 


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About DMSchedules

DMGroup's flagship scheduling product - DMSchedules provides scheduling software and services to elementary school principals to help them create strategic elementary and special education schedules aligned with district priorities and students' current needs quickly and easily.