Elementary Schedule Audit

Discover your schedule's strengths and areas for improvement compared to best practices so that you can make the most of every school day.

Time is one of the most precious yet often underutilized resources to support student achievement. This is especially true for students who struggle and require additional support. Unfortunately, finding the time to do what school and districts know will better serve students too often seems unachievable. “The schedule gets in the way,” is a frequent refrain. But there is a solution. Learn how hundreds of schools, nationwide, are better serving students and improving equitywithout increasing spending.

Are you making the most of each day or is your schedule getting in the way?

Find out with DMGroup’s Elementary Schedule Audit

DMGroup’s Elementary Schedule Audit will analyze your current schedule and your scheduling practices based on scheduling data and interviews with staff and leadership. These will then be benchmarked against DMGroup’s best practices, which are based on our extensive research, work with hundreds of high-performing and cost-effective schools and districts, and analysis of thousands of schedules nationwide.

Gain Valuable Insights in as Little as 3-4 Weeks

We’ve designed our Elementary Schedule Audit service to deliver valuable insights while requiring very little time and effort from your schools and staff.

Our in-depth audit has four simple steps:

  • Understand and Codify Your Current Practices
    DMGroup will collect scheduling data, conduct interviews with staff, and analyze current practices. We also work closely with leadership to understand your goals and priorities.
  • Compare Current Practices to Best Practices
    DMGroup will compare your current scheduling practices to our research-based best practices. The analysis will be clearly documented in DMGroup’s Scheduling Scorecard.
  • Identify Strengths and Opportunities for Improvement
    DMGroup will assess strengths, to ensure these are safeguarded, and identify opportunities to improve schedules and align with your goals.
  • Review and Prioritize High-Value Opportunities
    A member of our team of experts will present the audit findings, clarify best practices, and lead a discussion to prioritize the most valuable opportunities for improvement.

You will receive:

Best Practices Scorecard


Presentation of Strengths and Identification of Opportunities for Improvement



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Our standard pricing for an Elementary Schedule Audit

Single School $3,500 $3,150
Up to 3 Schools $10,000 $9,000

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An Elementary Schedule Audit will deliver key insights to help you better implement these best practices:

  • Clear instructional guidelines and expectations
  • Equal and uninterrupted access to core instruction
  • Time for daily intervention and enrichment for students
  • Common planning time and staff development opportunities
  • Grouping of students by learning goals
  • Efficient allocation of staff and other resources
  • Practices to manage scheduling constraints and tradeoffs
  • Collaborative scheduling and access to scheduling expertise
"Our district now has consistent scheduling guidelines aligned to best practices across all elementary schools, allowing us to increase equity. We’re also now providing 45-minutes of daily intervention, creating opportunity to drive improvements in achievement levels."

- Dr. Tanzy Kilcrease
Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning
Bibb County School District (GA)