Scheduling for Success

Get the most out of every minute of every school day with our scheduling expertise, software, and support.

Are your schedules making the most of each school day? Time is one of the most precious yet often underutilized resources to support student achievement. This is especially true for students who struggle and require additional support. But finding the time to do what school and districts know will better serve students too often seems unachievable. “The schedule gets in the way,” is a frequent refrain. But there is a solution. Learn how hundreds of schools, nationwide, are better serving students and improving equity without increasing spending.


DMGroup's Scheduling for Success Elementary Scheduling Solution

Scheduling for Success is a best practices approach and accompanying software that enables you to create elementary school schedules that make the most of the time in your school day and allow you to better support the needs of all students.

Bringing together easy-to-use elementary master scheduling software, best-practice expertise, and schedule creation services, our solution includes everything you need to build optimized master schedules.

  • Elementary Master Scheduling Software
    Best practices are built into our software to guide principals and highlight the data needed to build more effective schedules. Quickly and easily create an elementary master schedule and the system will generate General Education and Specials teacher schedules for you. Experiment with different scenarios, weigh tradeoffs, and create the schedule that best serves your students.
  • Expertise & Professional Development
    Our expertise is garnered from our experience working with thousands of schools nationwide, expert schedulers, extensive research, and years of studying the practices of high-performing schools. Principals will be trained on scheduling best practices and the techniques that drive equitable access to instruction and improve student outcomes.
  • Schedule Creation Services
    Our team of experts works closely with you throughout the school year. To us, success is helping you make sustainable improvements for your students and staff and turning best practices into common practice. Using our proven methodology and support, each principal will be able to create schedules that meet the needs of their schools and quickly share schedules with staff.

Key Benefits You Can Achieve with Scheduling for Success

   Daily common planning time opportunities
   Uninterrupted ELA and Math blocks
   Daily intervention/enrichment period
   Equitable access to specials such as art, music, and physical education
   Improved special education and related services support opportunities
   Reduced schedule creation time and effort
   Increased schedule collaboration and experimentation

People were cheering. That has never happened for schedules before…

Dean of Students
Minneapolis, MN

We have realized outstanding scores and performance from our students due to the efficient use of support staff’s time and the amount of support provided to our students.

New Fairfield, CT

I liked the collaboration with all parties involved throughout the process and the immediate feedback when concerns came about.

Dublin, GA

Start Building Better Elementary Schedules

How it Works: The Scheduling for Success Process

DMGroup elementary master scheduling experts will guide you through a collaborative process to create elementary master schedules aligned with district and school goals.

scheduling-for-success-processWe start by understanding current district and school scheduling practices and then work closely with each school to understand any observed strengths and opportunities for improvement. This helps establish a shared understanding of the needs of each school and drives district-level goals and objectives.

While district-level goals and objectives will shape the priorities, we embrace the fact that no two schools have the same walls, students, or staff. This is thoughtfully factored into the schedule creation process to ensure that the specific needs and constraints of each school are addressed while working to support district goals.

What You'll Get: Scheduling for Success Deliverables

At the completion of the scheduling project, each school will have master schedules, homeroom teacher schedules, and specials teacher rotations and schedules. All of these schedules are available online in our cloud-based scheduling software. All schedules follow a common, easy to use standard to support efficient distribution and access to all staff. Our software has been crafted based on best practices in teaching and learning and feedback shared with us from thousands of schools nationwide.



By far the easiest program I have ever used!

Bibb County, GA

Where have you been the last 20 years of my life?

Elmhurst, IL

It gives us the ability to personalize everything!

Sioux Falls, SD

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