Elementary Scheduling Academy

Learn how to quickly and easily create elementary school schedules and have your school schedule completed in June

June 13 - 27, 2023


If you are creating schedules later in the school year, want to learn more about scheduling techniques and tools, or are simply running out of time and don't want to spend the summer creating schedules, this academy is for you!

DMGroup’s Elementary Scheduling Academy is an intensive, three-session professional development program designed to help you build better schedules quickly and easily. 

You’ll apply best-practice scheduling tactics and use DMSchedules for Elementary Schools scheduling software to craft your schedules.

The Academy is ideal for:

  • People who have deferred schedule creation into June
  • New principals preparing schedules for the first time
  • Principals looking to learn more about best practices
  • Schedulers looking to tackle scheduling challenges with support

Join our dynamic, hands-on, cohort-based scheduling academy and have your best-ever school schedule ready by the end of June 2023!

Space is limited, reserve your spot today!


 * Existing customers, please contact support@dmgroupk12.com to share your interest and determine your best path to professional development and scheduling workshops.

Register today or give us a call at 1-877-617-8577 with any questions!


The cost is $3,500 per school. The price includes the annual software license for DMSchedules for Elementary Schools and schedule creation support services (DMSchedules "Plus" Plan).


How It Works

At DMGroup’s Elementary Scheduling Academy, you will learn our methodical approach to building best-in-class elementary school schedules based on our two decades of experience working with thousands of school leaders nationwide.

  • Intensive hands-on work: With the belief that the best way to learn is to learn by doing, each participant will work on building their school schedule with the use of our scheduling best practices and coaching support.
  • DMSchedules for Elementary Schools scheduling software: Each participant will be issued a 1-year license with full access to DMSchedules for Elementary Schools scheduling software to create, manage, and optimize their school schedules at no extra charge.
  • Peer network: At the Academy, you will meet other like-minded school administrators with whom to share challenges and lessons learned. The academy is designed to engage participants in discussion and sharing of ideas across districts and schools.



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About DMSchedules

DMSchedules combines our powerful, web-based scheduling software, field-proven best practices, and a team of scheduling experts to help you define instructional priorities to develop effective student-centered school schedules and individual staff schedules. Today, thousands of educators nationwide use DMSchedules for their elementary school and special education scheduling.