Create schedules for in-person, hybrid and remote
instruction to be prepared for what lies ahead

With so many variables to juggle, powerful scheduling tools and expertise are fundamental to helping you abide by health and safety requirements within the resource constraints of the district while maximizing in-person instructional time. 


Select the Right
Scheduling Model

Review and compare various scheduling models based on DMGroup's library of in-person, hybrid and remote schedules.

  • 100% In-Person
  • Staggered Start and End Times
  • Daily AM/PM
  • A/B by day and week
  • 10-day cycles
  • One Week on/One Week off
  • 100% Remote
  • ...and more


Create Different Schedule Scenarios and Share with Staff

Create multiple scenarios that meet your school's specific goals and constraints and quickly share with staff and other stakeholders for feedback. 

  • Establish instructional minute guidelines (in-person and remote)
  • Drag and drop creation of master, homeroom, and specials schedules
  • Perform what-if scenario modeling
  • Understand the staffing impact of different approaches


Quickly Adapt Schedules to Meet Your Changing Needs

Seamlessly shift between different schedules to adapt to changing COVID-19 conditions and quickly notify all staff. 

  • Move between different schedule scenarios and publish in 2 clicks
  • Automatically update all impacted student, homeroom, and specials staff schedules
  • Share schedule changes with all staff immediately


$1,500 / school

Includes one-year software license, schedule model guidance, and up to four hours of coaching support.


DMSchedules - Software built for Elementary School Scheduling

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Social-Distancing Schedule Models 

Read About Our Approach to Creating Elementary Schedules that Support Social-Distancing During COVID-19

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