In School Today 
A Comprehensive 10-Week System to
Improve Student Attendance

February - May 2023



Coming to school every day is vital to ensuring students' academic success and their social-emotional well-being. Last year, one-third of US students were chronically absent; double pre-pandemic numbers! 

Let’s get our students back to school and support them in achieving greater academic success! 

In School Today is a comprehensive 10-week program for school-based teams to improve student attendance and reduce absenteeism. 

With the support of a dedicated performance coach from District Management Group, school-based teams work together to explore new ideas, develop data-based attendance strategies, and continuously improve based on lessons learned. Team strategies are specific to what works for their students and, most importantly, get students in school today and every day!


Get Results for Students and Build Skills for Staff
Chronic absenteeism-3
Increase daily attendance and reduce chronic absenteeism

Develop and test new strategies in rapid innovation cycles

Create a sense of urgency and purpose with a rigorous SMART goal and frequent progress monitoring

Empower your teams to better understand and analyze attendance data to turn information into action

Develop sustainable practices with embedded professional development to build problem solving and leadership skills


“I started this challenge very hesitant with the thought of not needing anything else added to my plate. I am pleased to say the performance coach and my team helped me grow through the process and as the team lead. I am grateful for the experience and how our team was able to assist our students.

- Team Lead


“This was a powerful experience! We had the time to collaborate, which is priceless, and we all grew professionally.”

- Team Member

This motivated me to want to do more for our students - increasing their connection to the school through mentors and exploring additional resources to support their attendance and graduation rates.”

- Team Lead

Who the Program is for
  • Any school or district leader can enroll their school-based team! Each team is made up of 1 Team Lead and 4-6 Team Members passionate about improving student attendance and all located at the same school.

  • Teams should be made up of the teachers and staff in your school building who work hands-on to support student attendance as part of their current role - for example, counselors, attendance coordinators, APs, etc.

What You Will Learn
  • Analyze and understand historical data to inform the development of a SMART attendance goal

  • Develop new data-based strategies, put them into action, monitor progress and quickly iterate for improved performance

  • Collaborate to solve problems and build leadership skills

How it Works

A Principal or District Leader registers their School-Based Team(s) to join In School Today

  • School-Based Teams attend the In School Today virtual launch event for 60-minutes

  • Each Team is matched with an In School Today Performance Coach

  • Teams work with their Performance Coach to set a specific, measurable attendance SMART goal based on historical data

  • Teams meet weekly with their Performance Coach for 10 weeks to review data, develop strategies, put them into action, and get results for students quickly.


The cost is $9,750 per school team. 

DMCouncil Member cost is $8,900 per school team.  


Our Trusted Partners

About District Management Group

District Management Group was founded in 2004 on the belief that management techniques combined with education best practices are key to addressing the challenge facing American public schools. We partner with school and district leaders across the country and provide them with the best management and educational practices, tools, and techniques to produce measurable, sustainable improvements that help schools and students thrive.