2022 Secondary Scheduling Institute

Learn to Design Schedules to Improve Students’ Opportunities and Outcomes

DMGroup’s Secondary Scheduling Institute is an in-depth training program that will build your district team’s capacity to design best-in-class secondary schedules. Your team will learn to:

Design schedules aligned to school and district goals
Plan and schedule effective academic intervention programming
Maximize core instructional time for students
Incorporate student voice and choice into the scheduling process
Maximize staffing to make the most of your funding

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How it Works

At DMGroup’s Secondary Scheduling Institute, your district team will learn our research-backed, methodical approach to building best-in-class schedules. Features include:

Participation by district teams: districts participate as a team of up to five participants per district which builds capacity, collaboration, and shared understanding.

Training spanning approximately four months: The Institute takes a multi-mode approach incorporating remote group meetings, webinars, self-use tools and coaching calls over a period of four months.

Learn by doing: With the belief that the best way to learn is to learn by doing, each district team will work on building their schedules with the support of coaching, tools, templates, and guides.

Peer network: At the Institute, your district team will meet other like-minded teams with whom to share challenges and lessons learned.
Who Should Enroll?

The Secondary Scheduling Institute is open to middle school and high school scheduling teams. Teams may choose to include the following:

Teachers (general ed, special education or ESL teacher)
District academic lead (i.e., assistant superintendent of instruction)
District staff member involved in scheduling process


$17,000 per school or $14,500 for schools in districts that are DMCouncil members.  

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